UX Design: A strategic challenge for High-Tech companies!

UX Design: A strategic challenge for High-Tech companies!

What is UX Design?

For several years, linked to the digital revolution, the notion of UX Design has appeared in the companies UX Design, or more commonly referred to as “User Experience”, which represents the emotions felt by the user when they have to use a digital interface such as a mobile application, a website or any other type of interface. The customer experience must be optimized to provide user satisfaction and a feeling of pleasure.

The steps of consumer experience design

Jesse James Garette, information architect and graduated of the University of Florida, has developed a diagram called “The elements of user experience.” This diagram provides a clear vision of  the UX Design process. Here are the main principles:

  1. Define the strategy to be adopted: Analyze the user’s need, but also what their expectations are. It is also important to clearly highlight the final objectives of the product or interface creation.
  2. Transform strategy into a requirement: Define very precise specifications about functionalities and content that must be integrated into the product or interface.
  3. Set up the structure: This step defines the integration design and information architecture. It allows for highlighting the course of the user’s interactions.
  4. Set up the design of the interface: Highlight the components of the previously established structure. In other words, the concrete elements that will make it possible to use the interface.
  5. Create the visual design: Choose the right shapes and colors to create a harmonious and intuitive whole.

UX Design or UI Design, two complementary concepts.

UX design refers to the end-user experience of an object or digital interface.

First, the UX designer is responsible for studying and analyzing the possible user paths and thus designing an ergonomic user architecture. The UX designer must focus their studies on sensitivity and needs but also on users’ expectations. Their role is to imagine the scenario of use and create the information architecture.

In a second step, the UI designer is in charge of the visual identity of the interface. Indeed, colors, typography or images must be harmonized in order to create a harmonious, intuitive and impactful rendering in the user’s mind.

UX Design

UX Design at Zhor-Tech and Digitsole

The notion of user experience is extremely present at Zhor-Tech, particularly in the development process of applications and interfaces necessery for the use of our products. The idea is to create an ergonomic and easy-to-use platform to centralize the information and analysis provided by the technology integrated in the soles or shoes. UX design is a long-term project involving many actors such as the marketing team, the designers and also the web developpers.


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