Our technology analyzes daily activities in the most accurate way, as the sensors are directly located in the shoe.

  • Daily distances
  • Number of stairs
  • Calories burned
  • Motion/static ratio
  • Run/Walk ratio

–> By keeping an eye on these parameters, employees’ activities can be adapted to optimize their movements for better efficiency.

Our technology analyzes posture in 3D and gives information about the foot pattern (pronation/supination/universal)

–> Workers have to wear safety shoes on the workplace, as they protect them from external damages. However, these shoes do not protect the feet from health-related risks, caused by a bad posture.

Our technology detects vibration intensity and exposure time
Being exposed to vibration for a long time can cause:

  • Lower back pain
  • Sciatica by slipped disc L4-L5 or L5-S1
  • Micro trauma of the spine

–> By analyzing the level of vibration, companies will be able to avoid these health issues ensuring employees’ well-being and reducing work related incidents.

Our technology detects and measures your fatigue through a biomechanical analysis of your strides and activity.
It will tell when a dangerous level of fatigue is reached.

–> Thanks to this monitoring, injuries due to fatigue and overwork can be avoided.

Our unique technology measures the remaining cushioning of the user’s midsole, thanks to our advanced sensors.

–> Workers will know when they need to change their shoes to avoid injuries.

Our technology detects most of the professional postures and can be adapted to any kind of industry.
Some postures are very painful and create fatigue and injuries.

  • Crouching detection
  • Kneeling detection
  • Tip toes detection

–> European law defines a day as painful if the employee spends more than 2 hours 27 minutes in these positions.

Analyzing the feet’s stability and being able to detect risks of slipping ensures a better safety in the workplace.

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