Look back at our experience at Computex in Taipei!

Look back at our experience at Computex in Taipei!

Last week our team was in Taipei, in Asia to go to the Computex Show. Computex is one of the largest trade fairs dedicated to IT innovation. This show, was created in 1981, gathers every years worldwide technology professionals. This is very important for companies to attend this event in order to present their latest innovations.

Digitsole team at Computex in TaipeiComputex is a must attended even for the Zhor-Tech Team !

Taiwan, a technology center renowed all around the world

Taiwan is a strategic place for new technologies. In fact, since the 90’s there was a big revolution in the world of technology. Biotechnology, nanotechnology, smartphones, laptops production became at the hearth of the Taïwaneese economy.

Computex is a good opportuity to present to all the world the latest innovations.

Zhor Tech presents PODOSmart® solution

During Computex, our team presented Podosmart®. Our new procuct is a kit of 6 pairs of connected insoles allowing healthcare professionals to obtain a complete analysis of a patient’s walking profile. This diagnostic tool is intended to save practitioners time.

Developed in collaboration with health professional and using state of the art material, this solution is very precise and very efficient in diagnostic process.

Digitsole booth and customers



Our team returned delighted with this trip, which was a real moment of exchange and sharing around a common interest, new technologies!




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