IoT and Big Data, how can they solve healthcare issues?

IoT and Big Data, how can they solve healthcare issues?

For the past few years, the Digital Revolution deeply modified societies and their relations with the objects. Today, the Internet and connected objects became a part of the daily life of everyone. However, the use of these objects and their legitimacy are often considered as controversial issues specifically in the healthcare field. It is important to understand to what extent how connected object and data collected can be used and useful in the healthcare field? 

The introduction of connected objects in healthcare area

The introduction of connected objects in healthcare area

For several years, many connected devices were launched on the market and used by healthcare professionals. The introduction of these objects has enabled many advances in terms of efficiency and precision in the analysis and care provided by professionals. This has significantly reduced the risk of errors related to certain diagnoses requiring high accuracy or timeliness.

Real-time diagnosis

Specialists are now able to access quickly to patient’s data, thanks  to connected analysis tools. These tools enable an easiest and cheapest analysis process by using less sophisticated devices able to provide reliable results as the tools used before. These real-time products are also able to save time.

Remotely follow up

Until now, the innovations and tools on the market have been massively focused on remote patient monitoring. In other words, the solutions on the market aim to facilitate the monitoring of the treatments and the rehabilitation processes proposed by healthcare professionals. This allows patients to experience an easier and a safer recovery. The home return is then facilitated and becomes faster. This represents a real advantage for patients and health professionals in terms of time and treatment effectiveness.

Information sharing 

The implementation of this kind of tools enables the scientific community evolution. The almost instantaneous sharing of scientific advances has enabled researchers around the world to benefit from research results. Thus, the use of connected objects and the Internet has enabled doctors to reach important milestones in the medical field. This allowed scientists to overcome some of the obstacles they faced in their research.

Controversies about these tools

In addition to the revolutionary aspect of using these new diagnostic and monitoring methods, some points may be subject to criticism and controversy. In particular, the protection of the data collected and the security of the latter in an industry where professional secrecy and data confidentiality are a real challenge. It is then necessary to use these methods with a reliable data processing system to protect the information collected from patients but also from the scientific community.

 The M-Cube® solution ables to detect mobility disorders

 The M-Cube® solution ables to detect mobility disorders

The M-Cube® solution developed by the Zhor-Tech team is a connected solution allowing a complete walk analysis. Composed of connected soles and a dedicated application, this device enables real-time walking analysis and also detects mobility disorders. Indeed, each individual has his own walking profile. Until now, the process of identifying the walking profile has been expensive and required sophisticated tools. M-cube is the first non-invasive solution to be introduced on the market that allows extremely accurate detection of mobility disorders.


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