Heating Technology


Zhor-tech has developed the first-ever connected heated insole. This heating technology for footwear, allows the user to keep his feet warm in any condition.

Our heating system can maintain the temperature in any shoe to up to 45°C / 113°F with an autonomy for at least a day of activity in the cold. Our dedicated app (iOS and Android) allows the end-user to select the desired temperature by one degree increments for each foot individually.

The built-in thermostat – a unique feature on the market – will guarantee that the actual temperature in the user’s shoes never exceeds the desired setting. This feature will prevent any overheating and the resulting perspiration that gives the sensation of cold.

This built-in thermostat, along with our patented Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity, contributes to saving battery life thus keeping your customers’ feet warm for a longer time.

Our electronics are extremely robust, entirely waterproof and can be integrated in insoles or midsoles but also in other wearables (e.g. jacket). The applications are extremely varied, whether it be for daily use, sports, professionals or even for certain medical conditions.

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