General Conditions of Use – Dakota




These general conditions of use contain tips and warnings on performance, safety and the consequences of improper use or improper maintenance of S-CUBE modules.

These conditions of use must be read carefully before using your S-CUBE modules for the first time and must be conserved.

Please contact ZHOR-TECH customer services with any questions or for further clarification:  or by phone +

General warning:

As with all equipment, S-CUBE modules are subject to wear and constraints.

No single product is adapted to all types of use.

The various materials and components are subject to wear or fatigue under certain constraints during use at different speeds and may have different life cycles.

Although the insoles and their components can be covered by a guarantee for a specific period, there can be no certitude that S-CUBE modules will last throughout the entire guarantee period.

The lifetime of S-CUBE modules particularly depends on how they are used by the user.

The guarantee does not mean that the product will never wear out or is unbreakable; it simply means that S-CUBE modules are covered according to the terms of the applicable guarantee.

Health and safety advice:

This product is not a medical device. Seek medical advice in the event of any pathology associated with sensitive feet.

S-CUBE modules are also not recommended for people with a disability which prevents them from quickly taking off their shoes, including paraplegics and tetraplegics.

Keep away from children and animals. This product is not a toy.

Do not lend or exchange your insoles with someone for hygiene reasons.

Precautions and tips for use:

About your S-CUBE modules:

Do not bend or twist your modules.

Do not use for water-based activities (do not submerge in liquid);

Ensure that your modules are easily accessible during use.

You are therefore advised not to use them in shoes which are difficult to take off (such as ski boots, for example)

Do not use your modules if damaged (worn, perforated etc.).

Do not try to repair your modules if damaged.

About your shoes:

You are advised to wear clean cotton socks.

Do not wear your S-CUBE modules in shoes with a metal plate protection.

In proximity with a heat source:

Do not leave them close to a heat source.

Our technology:

Our system uses low energy Bluetooth communication, so it is strongly recommended to comply with the limitations of this communication technology.

Never attempt any kind of modification to the S-CUBE modules software and/or the application. Any breach is liable to penal and civil sanctions for patent infringement.

Specific recommendations related to pressure/shock:

Do not use if shocks and/or perceived impacts are greater than 600 kg (or 6000 N).

Do not support a weight greater than 200 kg.

Do not exert pressure greater than 50 kg/cm2 (or 500 N / cm2).

Looking after your S-CUBE modules:

Do not wash your modules by machine or by hand

Do not dry in a dry cleaner, with a hair dryer or hand dryer

Do not clean with any type of product. Lightly moistened multi-purpose microfibre wipes can be used to clean your insoles, without using any chemical product (bleach etc).


Like many other portable electronic devices, S-CUBE modules contains lithium batteries which must be handled with extreme care.

Please note that these batteries present risks of inflammability.

Do not charge near inflammable materials, liquids or solids etc.

Do not place S-CUBE modules on current conductive surfaces: metal box, metal table etc.

Only use the cable provided with the S-CUBE modules.

The battery must be fully discharged before disposal. A non-discharged battery may still catch fire after disposal.

Storing your S-CUBE modules:

During storage, your battery must be charged to 75%.

Your insoles must be stored in a dry and temperate location at a temperature of between 10°C and 30°C.

Guarantee :

Our 2 year guarantee applies to the electronics and when the product is used under normal conditions of use according to the terms of these conditions of use.

If the S-CUBE modules is worn, the guarantee will no longer operate, even on the electronics.

If the S-CUBE modules have been damaged, in particular as a result of improper care the guarantee shall not apply.

In the absence of provisions to the contrary, the only recourse in the context of the guarantee is limited to the replacement of the modules with S-CUBE modules of an equal or higher value, at the full discretion of ZHOR-TECH or DAKOTA.

This guarantee takes effect from the date of purchase, concerns the original owner only is non-transferable.

Recycling your S-CUBE modules:

Environmental conservation is also an important component of the marketing of S-CUBE modules. To this end, once your S-CUBE modules have reached the end of their life cycle, it is recommended to dispose of them at the appropriate waste disposal facility or at an electronic devise collection point.