Zhor-Tech helps brands to connect their shoes by providing them an end-to-end solution from technical specifications to industrialization.

Because your feet are the basis of your body, we believe that connected footwear technologies will bring more added value than any wearables available on the market. Not only to monitor your daily activities and health status but also by bringing extra comfort to an essential part of your body. To bring this benefits to end consumer, Zhor Tech provides a full package of services to its partners.

Safety shoes

Smart footwear electronic & sensors box including a rechargeable battery

Our hardware experts have managed to create extremely robust products that withstand repetitive shocks, constant foot humidity and dust.

All our connected footwear and wearables’ firmware (i.e. the embedded software) are developed in-house by our team of software engineers, allowing us to make the most out of every connected product we create.

Branded app & Dashboard

All Zhor-Tech products come with a branded iOS and Android app developed by our team of software engineers. It’s the gateway allowing brands to connect with their customers.

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Full footwear integration service including factory training & certification, smart footwear QC and test machines …

Integrating electronics into footwear is a significant disruption in the shoe manufacturers’ process. The added manufacturing steps must be perfectly mastered in order to guarantee robust and durable products.

Data protection & Management

Using our own servers, all the data are stored and protected. A specific analysis is provided fully compliant with international regulations (including GDPR).

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Safety & Quality

Waterproof, shock resistant, fireproof


Our main goal is to deliver safe products. Depending on the use case, we can deliver technology that is waterproofshock resistant, fireproof and that has the required electronic certifications. 

Extreme testing


Our products endure extreme testing to meet the highest quality standards. We even have created our own testing bench to reinforce our quality control.

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