Zhor-Tech is recognized as the world pioneer in connected footwear with a mission to create the future of footwear by introducing electronics and software into shoes.

Zhor-Tech, part of the Epsilon group, helps brands design connected shoe products by providing them an end-to-end solution from technical specifications to industrialization. ZhorTech is responding to a growing demand for more reliable wearable technologies with true user benefits.

Our 25 team members are mainly top level engineers and Ph.D.’s specialized in several fields that cover smart footwear needs:

  • Footwear engineers and designers
  • Electronics hardware team
  • Electronics firmware team
  • Software applications team
  • Biomechanical engineers
  • Data scientists and analysts
Smart shoes technology

Our R&D department is divided into 3 units:

  • Sports: Solutions for different sports like running, cycling…
  • Safety: The S Cube is a unique smart footwear solution that detects and measures difficulties at the workplace.
  • Healthcare & Comfort: Several technologies are available for footwear heating, auto lacing, and even to detect some diseases.

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