Back on the CES 2019 in Las Vegas!

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CES 2019

As every year, the Zhor-Tech team was at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. This annually meeting of new technologies addicts, was once again, the center of attention with incredible showcased innovations.


One more CES for Zhor-Tech!

For the 5th year in a row, the Zhor-Tech team had showcased during 5 days, its latest products and prototypes. Beside the giants of technology and digital revolution but also many start-ups with bold ideas, Zhor-Tech showcased to the entire world its ambitions to reinvent a well-known product by all: the shoes!

In addition to the effervescence and the dynamism linked to the latest technologies, it is also the human aspect which seduce us each year, as entrepreneurs. The CES is a great moment of exchanges around a shared vision: Revolutionize the world thanks to technology.

Our latest innovation at the earth of CES:

Previously, we made impression with our warming technology offering a unique comfort, but also dedicated solution to track and analyze sport performances. It was with great pride that we showcased this year a new range of innovative solutions.

M-Cube : Medical Mobility Monitoring


M-Cube®: Medical Mobility Monitoring

Thanks to the M-Cube® solution, Zhor-Tech penetrates the health sector. Equipped of Brainux® microprocessor, M-Cube® enables a full analysis of walking profile with the measurement of 12 parameters such as step length, flight time or contact phase. This solution can be integrated in any insoles or shoes. The dedicated application allows health specialists to follow in real time the treatment or diseases evolutions. The detection of diseases with a pathology linked to the walking profile (Parkinson, Alzheimer…) is now possible! Learn more


S-Cube®: Safety Smartshoes

With a technology directly integrated in employees’ safety shoes, the S-Cube® solution is able to detecte fatigue, posture or slipping. It is now possible to track and evaluate the arduousness of work and reduce the risks of injuries. Indeed, the Synapsium AI® software, entirely developed by the Zhor-Tech engineers, can track and analyze in real time, all metrics linked to walking profile in working conditions. Learn more


Digitsole at the CES 2019

Our tireless team hold a series of interviews and offered the possibility to test our products on our booth. 

In summary, the CES 2019 was very successful for all the team who had showcased original solutions proving that the shoes are more than a fashion accessory!

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