The job of biomechanical engineer at Zhor-Tech

The job of biomechanical engineer at Zhor-Tech

Biomechanics is the analysis of the mechanical properties of a living being. Mainly, it makes it possible to study all the movements of the human body, and their mechanical properties, in order to unravel all their mysteries.

This discipline is of great interest to all injured people or those with motor problems. Biomechanics studies humans, but it can also be applied to robotics.

A biomechanical engineer focuses on advances that improve human health and health care at all levels. This applies to all health care, diagnosis, treatment and recovery analyses.

At Zhor-Tech, we are fortunate to be part of a team of biomechanical experts who are passionate about technology and health. They work to find the best solutions to best diagnose and respond to our health problems. We will therefore present you the portrait of Antoine, research and development engineer in biomechanics.

The job of biomechanical engineer at Zhor-Tech


Antoine Maisons, Biomechanical Research and Development at Zhor-Tech


“I went to an engineering school in an integrated prep after my baccalaureate in engineering sciences. I spent five years at UTT, where I chose to specialize in mechanical engineering and specialize in the design and industrialization of mechanical systems related to the environment.

I did several internships, a work placement, a fourth year internship at a start-up in Dijon, where I worked on mechanical variable speed drives with the objective of optimizing power transmission on a car to save energy. It was advanced mechanics with a physical and mechanical aspect!

I also did a six-month internship at Zodiac Seat France. I was working on a project on an intermediate class between business and first class. I became a design engineer later, and supervised the design team. I had a global vision of the project and I acted proactively on the design choices for the design, on the requests from the aircraft manufacturer.

I had to understand everyone’s needs, and provide concrete solutions for the design. It was a very interesting, very cross-functional position, so I wanted to stay in and have a global vision!

I took a very mechanically oriented course, but I am passionate about biology. It’s something I do in my spare time. Nature has always interested me. At the end of this internship, I wondered what I wanted to do with my life. I told myself that I had to do a job related to my passion.

Biomechanics is the study of lifeSo I decided to do a master’s degree in biomechanics in Lyon to apply everything I learned during my studies in mechanical engineering to the science of the human body or to the science of life.

Biomechanics is the study of life with engineering tools. It is the application of mathematics and physics to study the human body. It is a different but complementary approach to that of biology. This has given me skills in terms of anatomy, functional anatomy, materials science adapted to the science of the human body.

This master’s degree was very interesting and challenging for me. It was a very enriching experience because I was able to interact with surgeons. This allowed me to have another vision of my work and to better understand the impact of what I was going to do in the medical industry.

It is close to my heart that the purpose of my work is useful. That the purpose of my work is useful. That it is both a passion and above all, I feel I am doing people a service and that my work really contributes to the improvement of society.

Biological Part Applied

At the end of my master’s degree, I did a four-month internship at the Museum National d’Histoire Naturel in Paris. I participated in a study on the suspended locomotion of parrots. It was a research project on the necks of birds to find applications in robotics. It was very interesting because I had this biological part applied but with an application, but with an application in a potential industry, i.e. robotics.

However, I was missing the technical application. I needed to be in the heat of the moment! I wanted someone to wear my product one day!

Then, I arrived at Zhor-Tech, which offered me a mission to study walking, with specialized problems with embedded sensors, using inertial sensors to analyze walking among a huge population. This project is global and ambitious, with different products and a young team.

Today, I manage the biomechanical division and I am the Product Owner on the Podosmart team, health products. I interact with sales, marketing, production, design, electronics and firmware.


Smart Solution for Podiatry

My current project is Podosmart. It is a solution for podiatrists. We will provide them with a diagnostic tool. The solution we are going to offer will make it possible to detect parameters that correspond to the movements of the feet, the movements in the oscillating phase, in the laying phase, the angles of pronation and supination. But there is also the time phase (taligrade, plantigrade, digitigrade), stride length, speed over flight time, pause time, etc.

Physicians will be given metrics to enable them to diagnose more accurately. They will also be able to monitor and adjust their medication in the case of neurologists or insoles for podiatrists. We will have much more precise data and a change in parameters over time and a follow-up of pathology.

In addition, we would like to add a new part to our project: the study of racing, offering a precise analysis of the stride to have information on possible pathologies that could be detected during physical activity.

Our core business is to create solutions for people who need them!”


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