How artificial intelligence will change every aspect of our lives ?

How artificial intelligence will change every aspect of our lives ?

Artificial intelligence is a set of theories and techniques used to create machines capable of simulating intelligence. It, therefore, corresponds to a set of concepts and technologies rather than a constituted autonomous discipline.

Artificial intelligence (AI) was once the subject of science fiction dreams, but it is quickly becoming our new reality. Artificial intelligence can be used in many industries for different tasks. It is clear that in the future, we will interact with it on a daily basis.

Below are ways on how artificial intelligence will change our lives.


When people are sick, they want a quick diagnosis. Nowadays, people turn to the Internet to find a quick answer to their needs. This is not necessarily a good thing, because the web is full of contradictory information, and you could receive bad advice. By using AI in medical research, and by using a dedicated platform, you will get the right information and be diagnosed much faster than traditional means.

The link between patients and doctors, research, prevention, diagnosis, treatment: AI permeates all segments of the medical industry. AI is already better than the doctor at detecting the cancerous nature of  melanoma or analyzing a chest X-ray.

Zhor-tech has decided to help medical research and create its own solution: M-CUBE, the solution that analyzes walking activity and detects mobility disorders.

Artificial Intelligence

Each person has a unique walking profile, just like DNA. Thanks to the M-Cube® solution, Zhor-Tech is entering the healthcare sector. Equipped with the Brainux® microprocessor, M-Cube® allows a complete analysis of the walking profile with the measurement of 12 parameters such as step length, flight time or contact phase.

This solution can be integrated into any sole or shoe. The dedicated application allows health specialists to monitor the evolution of treatments or diseases in real time. The detection of diseases with a pathology linked to the walking profile (Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, etc.) is now possible!


In the Industry 

With predictive maintenance that combines AI and the Internet of Things (IoT), manufacturers can predict failures before they occur. In addition, the use of artificial intelligence will make it possible to take on the most dangerous tasks that people are currently doing. This will save many lives and make the workforce more efficient. Robots can be used for handling toxic substances, working in intense heat and when noise levels are harmful to humans.

In the future, it is expected that there will be full automation, so they will simply be sent to the field to do the work, and no one will need to participate.


Artificial Intelligence

In astronomy

NASA and Google announced at a joint press conference that they had discovered two new exoplanets called Kepler-80g and Kepler-90i, using machine learning technologies. Artificial intelligence therefore advances scientific discoveries.


In the Automotive Industry

Autonomous cars are driven by AIs. Tesla was a pioneer with Mobileye technology, followed by other manufacturers. Despite these exciting developments, technology is not yet perfect, and it will take some time for the public to accept the widespread use of automated cars.


To avoid any excessive drift, rigorous control of progress and its potential consequences must be organized. However, the positive prospects for AI are many for humanity and the planet. In terms of sustainable development in particular, advances in artificial intelligence herald automation capabilities in the analysis/management of energy consumption at the level of companies, individuals and public services.

Artificial Intelligence

With all these advances, artificial intelligence will replace Man in many jobs. For example, cars without drivers could replace truckers, which would reduce delivery costs, and above all, products would be less expensive.

Artificial intelligence could allow us to create other ways to obtain wealth while relieving us from certain tasks.


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