Zhor-Tech is today the world leader in smart shoes technology with a mission to create the future of footwear, by introducing technology into shoes. With our unique combination of 5 know-hows, we are able to offer multiple applications from our technologies.

Smart shoes technology

Thanks to our unique combination of hardware and software solutions, our technologies can measure and analyze foot biomechanics (pronation/suppination, daily  activity, fatigue and injury risk …) with high degree of precision.

ZhorTech offers technologies for various fields of application.


Zhor-Tech’s safety technology offers applicative monitoring and solutions for workers to monitor their fatigue and evaluate any difficulty in the workstation.

  • Helps workers monitor their fatigue
  • Identifies which activities are the most painful for workers and therefore prevent injuries
  • Measures the cushioning of workers’ insoles to increase their comfort and productivity.
  • Allows workers to always have warm feet, thanks to the embedded smart heating system


Provides easy-to-use solutions and tracking tools to analyze sports activity and provides data to improve performances:

  • Enables users to track their activity (distance, steps, calories…) with much more acurracy
  • Help the users monitor their fatigue level and prevents injuries.
  • Monitors the shoes’ cushioning and alerts the user whenever the shoes need to be replaced.


Technical solutions to maximize comfort and keep the user informed.

  • Smart heating: Connect your shoes or insoles to your phone and then set your desired comfort temperature on our app from 30 to 45 °C (86 to 113°F) . Our built in thermostat will automatically regulate the temperature in your shoes to your desired heat, thus ensuring a stable, comfortable warmth throughout the day and in any circumstances.
  • Monitoring: Based on the data collected, our smart footwear will recommend ways to improve walking efficiency, decrease fatigue, and reduce injury.
  • Auto lacing system that closes and tightens the shoes with a simple click on your smartphone.
  • Cushioning monitoring: The app alerts you when your cushioning deteriorates during use.


Technical and applicative tools that help users to manage their health.

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