Tracking Technology


Zhor-tech has developed a connected tracking technology, which allows users to keep track of their activity (step count, distance, calories etc), as well as providing them with a complete stride analysis. Zhor-Tech’s activity tracker is amongst the world’s most advanced and accurate trackers as it is placed right under the foot, which is naturally the best position to optimize gait analysis and step count.

Our engineers have worked hard to make Zhor-Tech’s tracker as small and lightweight as possible in order to facilitate integration but also so that athletes will enjoy it as much as amateurs. To achieve this, our engineers even had some electronic components specifically tailored for us.

Zhor-Tech’s activity tracker is embedded in all our connected footwear products and can easily be integrated in any insole or midsole. The electronics are extremely robust and entirely waterproof to resist extreme footwear conditions.

On top of our existing tracker features, the huge amount of data generated by our electronics and accelerometer can be processed by our team of data scientists and algorithm experts to create specific tracking features to match your requirements.

Please check our application page for more use cases or contact us for more information.

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