Zhor-Tech is today the world leader in smart shoes technology with a mission to create the future of footwear, by introducing technology into shoes.

With our unique combination of expertise in footwear, electronics, and biomechanics, we are able to offer multiple applications of our technologies.


Tracking Technology

Our connected tracking technology, which is amongst the world’s most accurate trackers, allows the users to keep track of their activity.

Shock Absorption Measurement & Fatigue Detection

Our connected shock absorption measurement system lets the users know when to replace their shoes by analyzing the reduction in cushioning.


Heating Technology

We have developed the first-ever smart heating technology for footwear and other wearables, which allows the user to stay warm in any condition.

Pressure Sensors

Our unique pressure sensor technology dedicated to footwear products determines the user’s foot posture in real time to optimize training, measure stress and prevent injuries.


Connected Tightening

The first, fully functional, connected tightening system for footwear can be operated from your smartphone or by voice control.

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