Our Expertise


Electronics Integration

Naturally, electronic devices aren’t meant to be in the same environment as shoes: dust, shocks, humidity aren’t electronics’ best friends. Therefore, it is a real challenge to combine both footwear and advanced technology.

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Double Expertise

At Zhor-Tech, we have this unique double expertise and the necessary resources to integrate state-of-the-art devices into any type of insole or shoe.

Our Promise

At Zhor-Tech we believe in creating more than just gadgets.

We are constantly innovating toward products that are truly useful in a wide range of applications.

Today, consumers expect true benefits from wearables:

Tracker Activity


 Our products help the end-user perform better in his environment.

repair and adjustment of the electronic device


We dedicate a team of engineers to create robust and accurate devices



Our team of designers is constantly having new ideas on how to integrate our technology.

Cyber security concept – Padlock in computer screen over motherb

Data protection

 We believe that maintaining the user’s privacy is of the utmost importance.

Our Partners

Precise machine for manufacturing LED panels


At Zhor-Tech we aim to develop long-term relationships with industry leaders. From prototyping to manufacturing, we work closely with the best possible industrial partners who have the same quality mindset as we do.



Over the years we have developed a long lasting network of trusted footwear partners in Asia and Europe. We are proud to work with a variety of manufacturers featuring all the required capabilities.



We are constantly researching the latest technologies. We work with a network of leading research labs that has helped us achieve this high level of innovation.

Safety & Quality



Our main goal is to deliver safe products. Depending on the use case, we can deliver technology that is waterproof, shock resistant, fireproof and that has the required electronic certifications.




Our products endure extreme testing to meet the highest quality standards. We even have created our own testing bench to reinforce our quality control.




Protecting the users’ data is one of our main concerns. It is important that the consumers feel reassured concerning the privacy of their data.

Hardware Integration


All our servers are encrypted, and comply with local regulations.

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